Reflections from the heart

Reflections from the heart by Nicola Karesh


To feel with another without anything in the way. Hearts
touching in a sweet embrace. I hear echoes of my voice in
another’s words. My feelings vibrate here and there and melt
into one divine flow.


Allowing the words and the feelings to flow forth like a gentle,
moving stream. I step in and let the experience wash over me
and I am one with the flow.


Everywhere I go, there I am. Listen to my voice here, there,
everywhere. I do not need walls against myself. I am safe,
wrapped and held in the Divine. Enveloped in God’s sweet

This moment…

It is pure. It is clear. It is fresh and new. The born and the
unborn in form and undefined in formlessness.
I am an anchor. I am grounded, yet I am in the flow.

My heart is wide open. It is bursting with sweet light. It
sparkles, effervesces and exploding, spills over. It flows and it
fills the world with magic and wonder.


Reflections? Yet, where is there to go?
There is the “I” that seemingly moves from past to present and
into the future. I travel through time and illusion.
There is the “I” that maintains a powerful, constant and
unmoving presence. Witnessing, boundless… it cradles the all.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2007 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections)  


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