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Captivating historical & cultural tours, talks & experiences. We share local black history in a dynamic, fun and memorable way. Don’t live a lifetime without knowing the rich legacy of your own community!


  • The Rosenwald African American Experience
    Take a delightful journey back in time to the old “Rosenwald” school days. Experience what it may have been like to be a student during Brevard segregation days from those who know it best. Rich with memorable stories, changing monthly history lessons, songs, games, devotion and our own Rosenwald legacy as 1st in the state to integrate!  You won’t soon forget this enjoyable “classroom” experience!
     Duration:  approximately 2 hours

    (Traditional walking tour during the Summer)
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  • My Colour World
    What was life like for the African American community in the past? School, entertainment, worship, housing, industry. A look at experiences based on labels of colour and race. Fascinating stories, historical anecdotes and several community stops* to gain a deeper understanding of our vibrant town. An impactful and humanitarian experience!

    Duration: approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours
    * community stops include: Bread Of Life, Sharing House, The “old” Tannery, Mary C. Jenkins Community Center and Historic Rosenwald sites

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  • Conversations In The Park
    Seasonal nature walks with monthly invited guests.  Bring your cameras, binoculars, journals, pencils, questions, interest and sense of adventure! Enjoy the sights & sounds of nature & the wisdom, stories and unique offerings from each guest. In historic Rosenwald.
    Minutes from downtown Brevard, N.C.

    (Tour fees go towards local neighbourhood charities and/or events)
    Duration: approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours 
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“The Tannery tour @Rosenwald

A fascinating exploration of the old Transylvania Tannery, the impact it had on the surrounding landscape/environment and how it impacted the growing African American community.  Take a walking tour around the old Tannery site into nearby Rosenwald.  Rich with anecdotes, stories and learning.  (indoors and outdoors)
Duration:  approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours
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