When you’re ready to move beyond run of the mill and same old same old….
When you’re ready for that experience with substance, depth and is just a little bit different to capture your interest…
When you’re ready for something that’ll reach out and touch your heart, engage your spirit and leave you with a lasting impression…
ou’ve come to the right place!

What do we offer?
One-of-a-kind products and services that stand out:-
. Historical/Cultural Tours, Talks and Experiences
. Community Projects that welcome your participation .
Inspirational Gifts
. Creative Community Programmes, Events & Initiatives .
Custom Design & Publishing
. Editing & Proofreading .
Inspired Poetry and Reflections
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Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, land of wood and water, Nicola Karesh, has lived in Transylvania County, land of waterfalls, since 1993.  She currently shares her time between the Western North Carolina mountains, northern Georgia at the Southern tip of the Appalachian mountains and whenever possible, her beautiful island home in the Caribbean.
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26219137_10155340390702877_1310361849458043953_nFaces Of Freedom event with community friends…

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“I love bringing different people together, sometimes groups that you might not think of putting together.  I love how we come to know each other, sharing our stories, our hearts, our rich histories and cultural backgrounds.  I love the magic when we open to discovering our differences, our similarities and how we feel about life.  I love how our “loves” unite us… the arts, wildlife, nature, history, God/Spirit, the desire to learn, grow and transform… all with community and fellowship at the heart. I enjoy when we express truth together. When it comes from the heart, it can’t help but be inspiring, compelling and moving.” – Nicola

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Nicola is a writer, poet, public speaker, community activist, and most recently, the owner/creator of Morning Glory Inspirations.  She is the published author of “Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections.”  Described as a mover and shaker within the community, she brings people together with collaborative, inspiring and creative initiatives and events.  Nicola received her M.A degree in Counselor Education from the University of South Florida in 1985 and Bachelor’s degree from University of Tampa (Psychology, French and Spanish) in 1983. 

 ContactNicola Karesh
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