About Me

“Today, think with your heart.  When you walk in faith and follow your heart’s lead, you will always be true to yourself.”

I have heard it told to follow your heart.  Especially with my writing and creativity, when I feel inspired (Spirit calling) I have followed without question.  No thought of why or how. I open to a path that feels natural and I trust the invisible guidance that effortlessly shows me the way.  The bigger picture slowly emerges as I travel across the land.
The process of creating “Morning Glory” (both the book and inspirational cards) have shown me a way to move in the world with complete faith and trust.  I don’t have to have every question answered and all of the factors revealed before I move forward. When I am aligned with the forces that creates worlds, there is no question about getting anything wrong.
I would say that unequivocally, I follow my heart particularly when it comes to my writing.  I feel ‘the call’ from spirit and I act on it immediately without any second guessing or questioning.  It is one area in my life where there is a fluidity of movement from start to finish. My heart directs everything and my head just surrenders to being along for the adventure!
When we follow our heart and are aligned with Source energy, we automatically create with love. Love touches everyone and everything in its path. There is no greater gift than being true to yourself. This is where my heart has led me…
~ . ~

Nicola enjoys writing about personal life experiences and common themes that most people will easily relate to. She shares issues where she has struggled and come to resolution. Her poetry and creative community projects often involve diversity, the richness and depths of life, her love of nature, wildlife… life itself, the theme of freedom, her inner exploration and unfolding relationship with the Divine.



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