Besides historical and cultural tours and experiences,
what else do we do?

Custom Card Design & PublishingDo you have your own original writings and personal quotes?  Transform those words, your authentic voice, into a beautifully packaged gift of inspiration that can be enjoyed every day by others!  

I will take your own words and pair them with unique imagery that will be the perfect complement to your message.  Your personal photographs may be used with other free-to-use (no copyright constraints) imagery that I provide.  We’ll confer to note your preferences for the project.  I’ll take care of the lay-out, formatting, editing, creative design and print to publishing.  The finished product will be a shrink-wrapped gift card set that will be uniquely your own.  The initial consultation is free of charge.  

Card Set Sizes2″, 2.75″ or 3.5″ square
Number of cards
This will vary by project.  From as few as 4 up to 80 cards per set.  You decide.
Future purchases:  You will be able to purchase individual sets in the future and/or the option to purchase in bulk for bigger savings.

Contact me to schedule your free consultation and to get started:
Nicola Karesh @ 828-421-8615 or complete and send an inquiry form below.

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Proofreading & Editing

Our proofreading and editing services are confidential and secure.  We review and make noted changes of your “work” before emailing the revision back to you.  We take simple projects that are concerned mainly with grammar and spelling errors.  Please indicate American or British preference.  Projects are assessed by a standard hourly rate.  For larger projects, we will negotiate the best win-win price.

Call (Nicola @ 828-421-8615) or fill out and submit the form below to get the ball rolling:

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