The African American Storyline Project

The African American Storyline Project is a “non-profit” community project…

“Faces Of Freedom” photograph by N. Karesh

The African American Storyline Project is a not for profit project with its fiscal agency being the Community Focus Foundation. It is an initiative under Morning Glory Inspirations to capture, preserve and share our county’s local black history in different ways (historic signage, education, interviews, historic art murals, video, oral history, informational kiosk, digital maps, websites are a few examples.)  The African American Storyline Project, under the umbrella of Morning Glory Inspirations, strives to actively involve and engage the community in the process.

  • captures, preserves and shares our local black history story in different ways
  • involves the community in the process

Located in Transylvania County in Western North Carolina
(stay tuned for more to come!)

How to Contribute?

Tax deductible gifts and donations can be made directly through our fiscal sponsor, the Community Focus Foundation. Please make sure to specify The African American Storyline Project  as the designated Fund or as the earmarked project, so that the CFF knows which Fund the money is for.

The CFF is a tax-exempt, publicly supported organisation serving Transylvania County.  Your gift lives on through the Foundation-supported programmes that benefit our community.

Tax-deductible contributions are payable to:

Community Focus Foundation,
P.O. Box 215,
Brevard, NC, 28712.

  • For additional information related to contributions, call
  • For additional information regarding the project, please contact:
    Nicola Karesh @ 828-421-8615 or
    ~ * ~


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