Community Engagement

We are known for creating impactful community projects, talks and programmes that are memorable, creative, transformational and engaging.  Ones that engage the community, bring about collaboration, partnership and fellowship and provide depth and meaning within the experience.  Happenings that bring different voices together… young and old, amateurs and professionals, different walks of life, cultures and backgrounds… 

Contact me to find out more about our offerings listed below, especially if you would like to be a sponsor or an engaged partner.  If you are interested in hiring us to consult on a future project or in our customising an event/workshop/training for your organisation or group, please contact us directly or use the form below. 

Contact:  Nicola Karesh @ 828-421-8615

Some of our ongoing and past creative events (see event photos/slideshow below:)

  • “Faces Of Freedom” 
  • The African American Storyline Project
  • The Peace Tree Garden Project
  • “Expressive Arts Showcase”
  • “Painters & Poets”
  • “Dance For The Glory”
  • The “Rosenwald Art Festival”
  • “The Rosenwald News” weekly column in The Transylvania Times
  • What’s On Your Mind?
  • artist in residency, poetry workshops and writer’s retreats
  • and the historic Freedom Walk celebrating 50 years of integration of Transylvania County Schools. 

from a few past events…

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