Historical Tours, Talks & Experiences

Coming Spring 2018!

“Not your average experience!” Covering local black history, culture and community in an engaging, enjoyable and memorable way.

2015-07-11 Rosenwald Alumni Saturday Reunion Celebration 033

  • The Rosenwald African American Experience
    An engaging, educational and experiential journey of the Rosenwald African American experience.  Rich with stories, lessons and the Rosenwald legacy from those who lived it.  Your “student” experience includes a simple breakfast and lunch. You won’t soon forget this “tour!”
    (located at the “old” Rosenwald school with traditional walking tour during the Summer)

    2015-04-27 024
    The Tannery tour @Rosenwald
    A fascinating historical and cultural exploration of the old Transylvania Tannery and the “Rosenwald” (black history) connection. Take a walking tour on the old Tannery site into nearby Rosenwald.  Rich with anecdotes, stories and learning.
    (Tour starts and ends at the Cornelius Hunt building/Public Works)

  • My Colour World
    Described as an impactful “humanitarian” tour, this walking downtown tour explores our community from different perspectives and through various lenses and experiences.  Cultural, historical, educational.  
    (Tour begins at the Transylvania County Library parking lot off of S. Broad Street and ends at by Rocky’s Soda shop on S. Broad)

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  • Up With The Birds
    Seasonal nature walks with invited guests.  Bring your cameras, binoculars, notepads, pencils and sense of adventure!  We’ll take a leisurely stroll through the Tannery park, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature and resident wildlife.  As the seasons change throughout the year, so will the scenery and landscape as will the stories and the wisdom of our accompanying guides.
    (Tour fees go towards neighbourhood Carver Garden Club and/or Mary C. Jenkins Community Center)

    Private and school tours available.
    Gift certificates.

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