Inspired By Nature writer’s retreat

“Inspired By Nature” – Fall 2012 North Carolina Retreat
with Nicola Rickards Karesh 

When you open yourself up to the Universe, it will respond in kind by giving you the world!

Our “Inspired By Nature” series opens this Fall in the Western North Carolina mountains. Join Jamaican author and poet, Nicola Karesh, on retreat in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. Experience our picture postcard Autumn season, embracing Mother Nature in one of her most spectacular times. 

Allow Divine Spirit and the beautiful outdoors to inspire and move through your writing and other creative works. 

Enjoy heart talks, circle time, meandering walks, sky gazing, water watching, grass growing, leaves falling and then sign up to participate in our Saturday evening Spirit Sharing.

Enjoy the gracious service of our hosts at Kanuga conference center in a peaceful, inspiring and downright relaxing setting. 


God’s sweet blessings to you!



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