Snakes and Angels

About 3 weeks ago, I was walking in the park. At a shaded part where the trail curves, I almost stepped on a copperhead. At the last moment, I spotted it and hopped to the right and moved quickly away. A few feet on, I looked back at the snake. Just there, beautiful colours and at length in the middle of the trail. I took a picture and went on. I was a little spooked and jumpy from that point, scrutinising everything on the ground, making sure that every stick and leaf wasn’t another snake.! Later, on reflection, I came up with some helpful thoughts for myself, especially to pay attention to the unfolding path before me, not just looking at the pretty sky, the clouds, the birds in the trees, but also the ground beneath my feet and my surrounding habitat.

A week later at the same park, while I was sitting looking at the lake, a young woman ran up to me to tell me that she had seen a snake in the park a couple of weeks earlier. We exchanged anecdotes and off she went. I was struck that she went out of her way to get my attention and to share something helpful. This morning, yep, same park, I saw an older man approaching. He called out to a woman way ahead of me. She ignored whatever he was saying and moved quickly away. He got to me and stopped me to tell me that I was to be careful because there was a snake ahead. It was an older man that I have seen on many occasions. We have never spoken but always acknowledge each other with a wave. I thanked him, kept walking, attentive for the possible snake ahead and then, for some reason without attaching any meaning to my feelings, I felt like crying. It may seem stupid, but someone actively looking out for and caring about my safety and well-being really touched me in that moment.

I will keep it simple, but I did make lots of connections and drew parallels to my/our journey, paths unfolding, angels and “snakes” that weave in and out of our lives and experiences. Love to you all as you go about your day. Enjoy the moments, the lessons, the unfolding chapters and the cast of characters that bless our experience!


Call to Council

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

Lost souls are falling down into the darkness
Falling by the wayside
As we continue to fail them one by one.

We fail them when we forget who we truly are at our heart center
And instead, mask as lies, deceit and disingenuousness.
We fail them when we place the false idols of corruption, intimidation and greed
Before the basic goodness of loving care and right action.
We fail them when injustice and inequality takes a front seat
Instead of honouring the sacredness of each red, yellow, white, black and brown soul.
All lovingly and deliberately placed on this earth plane for their highest good
And for our own.
Every loss, every missed step, mis-step,
Every unheard bellow for salvation and heaven on earth
Calls us to step up our “game,”
And take our seat at the council table for all of humanity.
For all of life.

To declare our intention
To do good
To see good
To recognise it
Praise it
Inspire it for all who come under our radar and beyond
To shine God’s merciful Light brightly, consistently.

For there are lives whose continued existence are affected
By our non-actions and our inspired actions.
Who are you called to be in this moment
And what, if anything, are you being called to do?
Now.  This very day.  This exact moment. 
Not an off in the distance, fleeting hope without shape and form,
But a crystal clear vision that is lovingly rooted in the now
Honed with absolute precision and Grace.

May each soul here feel blessed and may we in turn pass on the offering,
So that in time, darkness will have nowhere to grow
And all beings may realise peace.

And so it is brothers and sisters,

© 2016 Nicola G. Karesh