Faces Of Freedom 2019

Our 5th annual Faces Of Freedom event is up for your viewing pleasure through January 31st, 2019!  The exhibit opened on Friday, January 11th with our Opening Reception and 1x Performance Event last Friday.  Standing room only!

Enjoy some of the footage from last week.

Photography and videos courtesy of Mikkel Karesh and Parker Grant:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Music performances by Keith Norman, Jeanette Wayne, Lisa Love, Nicola Karesh and Wilma Lewis (The Midnight Shades.)

“Steal Away”

“Oh Lord I Want You To Help Me” (clip)

“Change Is Gonna Come”

“Get Ready”

 “My Girl,”  “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and “What’s Going On?”

(videos by Mikkel Karesh and Parker Grant)



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