Tours for Everyone!

Mid afternoon last Wednesday, saw a group of twenty-one from Conserving Carolina taking to our streets.  The enthusiastic group from Hendersonville was a nice mix of employees, board members and AmeriCorps students who signed up for a walking tour with Morning Glory Inspirations. We left our starting point at the Transylvania County library and went on a journey into Rosenwald.  As is customary for each of the historic tours, they are further enriched by the local voices who we meet and hear from.  In the past this has sometimes included spontaneous commentary from residents who see us walking by.  This is always unscripted, surprising and quite delightful! 

Highlights of the tour, from my perspective, were witnessing expressions of interest and engagement on your faces, spending time with Michael Collins from Bread Of Life and Shelly Webb from The Sharing House and feeling their enthusiasm and dedication with the valuable work that they do in the community, passing on stories and anecdotes about the Transylvania Tannery Company and Brevard Rosenwald School. By the time that we reached our final stop at the Mary C. Jenkins Community Center, we turned our attention to present day and how to be involved in community.  We thank Conserving Carolina for leading by example!  They will volunteer 3 days of service work within the Rosenwald neighbourhood at the end of this month.  Thank you for your time, interest and energy!



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