The last couple of days, I have felt this soft, full feeling inside. It
fills me up and surrounds me with peace. I was reading from two
books recently, where authors Marianne Williamson and Anne
Rice were talking about God. This feeling just washed over me as
I was reading, so totally connected and harmonious with what
they were saying. I had the same feeling last year, listening to
one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Adyashanti, speak about

There was an instant inner recognition that this is what I want
most of all…

to live my life in a constant state of prayer, appreciation,
gratitude and prayerful devotion to the Divine. There is a
sweetness to it that brings tears to my eyes.

I prayed this morning for God’s grace to bring me back to
awareness, especially at those times when I forget and slip into

Nicola  Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections


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