freedom at last

freedom at last

If my soul was tossed up into the air, 
Who would grab it faster?  
The devil or God?

The devil is obvious with his hunger for your pound of flesh.  
He can instantaneously fulfill every dark wish that you ever had.  
It’s a bit like competing with the drug dealer.  
Most honest jobs can’t stack up high enough against his offerings, 
But at what price to you?

If everything is part of God, 
Then is my perception of “the devil” 
Simply God allowing us the freedom to run amuck?  
His standing by with love in His heart, 
While we exhaust the evil, 
Tire of the shadows and draw a blank for more destruction?

His waiting with open arms, 
As we wearily claw our way out of the cesspool.

With a hoarse whisper, “Enough.  I’ve had enough.”

I flip weakly onto my back to dry out.  
Without any fanfare, 
I lift my soul to the heavens and let go.

© 2018 Nicola G. Karesh


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