Welcome Peace!

fresh ingredients for our Peace Tree Garden!

Welcome to our first week with volunteers for “The Peace Tree Garden Project!” This week, we did a little of everything… clearing, weeding, transplanting, researching, conceptualising, sharing, planning, scattering seeds, planting flowers and shrubs. Lots of space for connection and conversations, interacting with and embracing life! Learning so much along the way! Each day, I feel like I am in the best school ever!

Some of the extras along the way…

– Learning from a former Biology teacher who lives here, that the live oak is actually a willow oak, probably brought and planted here by someone, perhaps in the 19th century.

– The curious pets looking out from their apartment windows, the cats wandering freely about, allowing us to love on them just a little; our first butterfly that our flowers attracted, leaning in close to look and surprisingly hearing the caterpillars munching on the leaves!

– Impromptu conversations with residents, volunteers, other staff and neighbours passing through and the treasures that were unearthed in the process.

– priceless education along the way about plants, people and life!

Weeks prior, I surveyed residents to get their input about what they’d like to see growing in the “flower” boxes, did they need or want help, particularly as some of them are disabled and low-income status.

Upcoming… clearing beds and boxes in front of all buildings for future work to be done. Wood work, bench repair, planting more, connecting with future “adopters” and keeping up with watering what we have.

That’s all for now!

Nicola Karesh (project manager)


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