Wow, wow, wow. This is so stunningly gorgeously radiant, Nicola! I knew it would be but it feels like a beautiful magical surprise.

I love how the book is like a journey and there is sheer magic in your words. I absolutely adore it. I know you will be tweaking but what you have here is radiant!

I’m so delighted that you sent me this Nicola, it made my day and I’m so happy to be on this journey with you!”

– Colleen McGunnigle, artist and owner, design by muse


“I got this book for myself and will be purchasing copies for friends and family over the holidays. I find myself going to it to inspire my morning meditations and then I can’t put it down. Lovely, thought-inspiring poetry….”

~ Aricia LaFrance, Psychological Marketing Strategist


“Nicks, Am so enjoying reading ‘Morning Glory’…. taking a few readings at a time and experiencing the surrender, grace, love, peace, joy and all the good vibes that your talented writing produces….” 

 Caroline Dyche


 “I love, love, love Nicola Karesh’s latest book entitled ‘Morning Glory’. If you do not yet own a copy, I would highly recommend getting one. I have found hours of pleasure being swept away in the beauty, depth and light that Nicola weaves with her words.” 

– Malathy Drew, visionary of Whispering Energy


Nicola’s poems are a joy to read as she mixes “form follows function” and her own transparent lyrics with a beautiful style that often catalyzes chills up and down my grateful spine. Her poetry flows accross the page saliently as she offers so many brilliant insights into universal themes. Hers is poetry that shines like “The Hope Diamond” and is truly “inspired.”

– Kevin W. Prout


Nicola’s poetry is truly inspiring! The depth and beauty of her spirituality expressed in her works gently draws the reader into the reality of Divine love present in our lives.”
William Locke


Nicola, your poems are passionate, and gentle; embodied and ethereal; radiant and full of delightful shadows and contrasts. Thank you!”



Nicola Karesh’s exquisite, heart-felt Morning Glory is a beautifully written book of poetry that is also filled with pearls of inspirational reflection. The book offers deep spiritual sustenance from start to finish. But I found myself using it as a “daily oracle” in a sense. Just by opening the book at any page on any given day, I was always uplifted by the perfect, timely message to ground me if I had been knocked off center, to point me in the right direction if I was confused, or to simply provide comfort if I needed support of any kind…no matter what. This is a special book. Don’t miss out on the treasures that await you within its pages.”

 – Max Wellspring, professional certified life and business coach


“I’m savoring your beautiful book a little at a time. It’s like being hit with a ray of sunshine! I’m glad you also included the times when you questioned and struggled to surrender, etc. Makes it more real. I’m enjoying “Morning Glory” very much!”

– C. Knioum,  Corpus Christi, Texas


“Nicola and I may have grown up in different locales yet our love of moment and realization of the Ecstatic energy that pulses through us and our own lives is palpable. Both Morning Glory and my own book of Ecstatic Poetry – Wild Joy:Ruminations -, seem to have been written by one hearing the very voice of the Beloved. Who knows? Maybe, we each transcribe the glory we see, taste and hear in the morning of our lives.” 

– Paul Goldman
Author of “Wild Joy: Ruminations”


 Beautiful Inspiration for Your Heart and Soul

Words are magical… they have energy with the ability to lift your spirits or bring tears to your eyes…put together in phrases and stanzas, Nicola Karesh allows you to see the beauty of her soul. She leads you along the path of her life through the pictures she creates with her words. We share her joy and happiness, her inspiration, her sorrows and doubts, and through it all we find peace and comfort at a life well lived.

Terry L. Dunn Nelson


“Nicola Karesh writes poetry that draws you in to her life and her Spirit. She deeply shares her Soul with us and every word is a joy!” 

– Andrea Beaudoin 


“Nicola is a marvelous guest – relaxed, spontaneous, energetic and thought-provoking.  Her book is a gem and right on time as more people are learning about meditation and spiritual awareness.  Her stories will touch the hearts of your audience while her insights will keep them thinking all day.”  

– Aricia E. LaFrance, MSE
Customized marketing strategies for seriously creative entrepreneurs.)

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