Dance For The Glory!

Round 1!  We had fun with this, even though we are by no stretch of the imagination professionals! We were novices with HEART, supporting the Mary C. Jenkins Community Center’s revitalisation project at the fundraiser, “Dance For The Glory!” sponsored by Morning Glory Inspirations. Enjoy it with the same spirit with which it was created! Round 1 performance by “The Midnight Shades!”



Dance For The Glory fundraiser

Sponsored by Morning Glory Inspirations…

“Dance For The Glory!

A benefit dance for Mary C. Jenkins Community Center
revitalization project

When:  Friday, June 2nd, 2017
from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Where: Boys & Girls Club gym11 Gallimore Rd., Brevard

Tickets: Early Bird (adults) – $20 ($25 at the door)
(youth) – $10 ($15 at the door)

Enjoy a night of Dancing, Entertainment and Fun!
* Music provided
by Class & Sound Entertainment – DJ Marcus Lester at the controls
* Live Performances
by Keith Norman (vocals)
* Four Teams Perform
and compete for a shot at the grand cash prize.

Contact: Nicola Karesh  or  828-421-8615
~ Morning Glory Inspirations ~











Reflections from the heart

Reflections from the heart by Nicola Karesh


To feel with another without anything in the way. Hearts
touching in a sweet embrace. I hear echoes of my voice in
another’s words. My feelings vibrate here and there and melt
into one divine flow.


Allowing the words and the feelings to flow forth like a gentle,
moving stream. I step in and let the experience wash over me
and I am one with the flow.


Everywhere I go, there I am. Listen to my voice here, there,
everywhere. I do not need walls against myself. I am safe,
wrapped and held in the Divine. Enveloped in God’s sweet

This moment…

It is pure. It is clear. It is fresh and new. The born and the
unborn in form and undefined in formlessness.
I am an anchor. I am grounded, yet I am in the flow.

My heart is wide open. It is bursting with sweet light. It
sparkles, effervesces and exploding, spills over. It flows and it
fills the world with magic and wonder.


Reflections? Yet, where is there to go?
There is the “I” that seemingly moves from past to present and
into the future. I travel through time and illusion.
There is the “I” that maintains a powerful, constant and
unmoving presence. Witnessing, boundless… it cradles the all.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2007 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections)  



The last couple of days, I have felt this soft, full feeling inside. It
fills me up and surrounds me with peace. I was reading from two
books recently, where authors Marianne Williamson and Anne
Rice were talking about God. This feeling just washed over me as
I was reading, so totally connected and harmonious with what
they were saying. I had the same feeling last year, listening to
one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Adyashanti, speak about

There was an instant inner recognition that this is what I want
most of all…

to live my life in a constant state of prayer, appreciation,
gratitude and prayerful devotion to the Divine. There is a
sweetness to it that brings tears to my eyes.

I prayed this morning for God’s grace to bring me back to
awareness, especially at those times when I forget and slip into

Nicola  Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections

Showing Up For Life

SHOWING UP FOR LIFE by Nicola Karesh

What would it feel like
To show up for my life.

To embrace each precious moment
Like it was the first.

To savour life fully.
To enjoy every exquisite second.

To see richness all around.
Divine majestic grace.

I am ready to step forward.
To stand boldly in the light.

No more hiding out.
I claim my birthright.

I am ready dear God.
Please take my hand.

Wrap me in tenderness.
Enfold me in your pure light.

Nicola  Karesh, copyright © 2008 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections)

Inspired By Nature writer’s retreat

“Inspired By Nature” – Fall 2012 North Carolina Retreat
with Nicola Rickards Karesh 

When you open yourself up to the Universe, it will respond in kind by giving you the world!

Our “Inspired By Nature” series opens this Fall in the Western North Carolina mountains. Join Jamaican author and poet, Nicola Karesh, on retreat in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. Experience our picture postcard Autumn season, embracing Mother Nature in one of her most spectacular times. 

Allow Divine Spirit and the beautiful outdoors to inspire and move through your writing and other creative works. 

Enjoy heart talks, circle time, meandering walks, sky gazing, water watching, grass growing, leaves falling and then sign up to participate in our Saturday evening Spirit Sharing.

Enjoy the gracious service of our hosts at Kanuga conference center in a peaceful, inspiring and downright relaxing setting. 


God’s sweet blessings to you!